Friday, October 1, 2010

Chapter 5 -Second Trimester-

I'm in my second trimester now and it's amazing. I feel so much better. I"m getting bigger and bigger by the day and still so much is changing.

By this time I still can't stand not knowing what the baby is, I had pretty much convinced myself it was going to be a boy... everyone thought it was going to be a boy. At my last prenatal visit we scheduled my ultrasound, I think it was the longest two weeks of my life! Finally September 21st came. Honestly I was alittle nervous! I didn't know why though, I would be happy either way, boy or girl, as long as he our she was healthy. Matthews mom and my daddy came along for the ultrasound. The tech asked all four of us what we thought the baby was going to be... we all said boy. Then out of no where she says "how about a girl?" Matthews face was priceless and I cried, at one time I looked over at my daddy and he was crying too! It was such an amazing feeling and such a great day!

We've know the baby is a girl for almost two weeks now and she's already so spoiled... {just like her momma} She's already gotten so much stuff! As of now she doesn't have a name, but hopefully that will change soon. She kicks and wiggles all the time... it's the best feeling in the would! Knowing I've got this tiny living, breathing baby growing inside me is wonderful!

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